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Club Fitting

Not all Club Fitters are Clubmakers 
and not all Clubmakers are Club Fitters but,  
Kevin Cunniffe (t/a Golftek) is a Fully Trained Club Fitter and Clubmaker and certified by the some of the leading names in golf.
There is no point in you being measured for a suit of clothes by somebody 
who does not know how to make a suit of clothes! 

Why Custom Fitting?

Custom Club Fitting means that your swingspeed, your height, your stance and your hand size are incorporated into your clubs.

   You can have a set of new clubs fitted 
or have your existing club(s) adjusted to suit you.
Your size, your strength, your swing characteristics and your athletic ability are taken in to account when making or adjusting your clubs.
So instead of making swing changes to suit your clubs, 
get a Golf Club Fitting and have your clubs suit your swing!
If you play off scratch or 36, are left or right handed, 
teenager or pensioner, Gent, Lady or Junior, 
 if you are short or tall, 
Golf Club Fitting is suitable for you.
"The marketing campaigns of the big golf companies are created to convince golfers the technology of their designs and their use by tour players means their clubs will be the best for every golfer. These giant marketing campaigns do not say one word about the fact that all these clubs are made to one set of standard specifications, nor do they allow golfers to realize that golfers who are completely different from each other in their size, strength, athletic ability and swing characteristics need to be custom fit to play to the best of their ability.

Did you know...

     1. That up to 90% of golfers could be playing with golf clubs that are just not suitable for them!

    2. Majority of new golfers who stop playing in their first or second year were using golf clubs that were not fitted 
or were not fitted correctly!

3. Millions of Euros are spent annually replacing clubs that just needed to be adjusted and fitted correctly!

Golftek also offers a "Club Fitting Check List" 
for your golf clubs as followings: 

  • Do you know the length of your clubs?
  • Do you know the correct length of club for you?
  • Do you know your swingspeed?
  • Do you know the correct shaft flex to match your swingspeed?
  • Do you know your actual shaft flex?
  • Do you know your hand size and the correct grip size for you?
  • Do you know the swingweight of your clubs?
  • Are your wedges matched?
  • Do you know the correct putter length for you?
  • Do you know the swingweight of your putter?
  • Have you ever checked the loft and lie of your irons and your putter? 
  If you answered NO to any of the above then let Golftek test the suitability of your clubs.

Golftek uses the most up to date testing and measuring equipment, 
as described below.

Putter Fitting Tool
Putter Fitting Tool
Golftek uses the most accurate Putter Fitting Tools available
Iron Loft and Lie Gauge
Iron Loft and Lie Gauge
The Golfsmith Loft and Lie Gauge is the one used by Golftek
Auditor Swingspeed Monitor
Auditor Swingspeed Monitor
Golftek uses the Auditor Swingspeed Monitor
Swingweight Scale
Swingweight Scale
Golfsmith Swingweight Scale as used by Golftek
Golf Club Bench Ruler
Golf Club Bench Ruler
Golftek uses the Golfsmith Bench Ruler
Shaft Flex Analyser
Shaft Flex Analyser
The Golfsmith Shaft Flex Analyser as used by Golftek
Putter Loft and Lie Gauge
Putter Loft and Lie Gauge
Golfsmith Putter Loft and Lie Gauge as used by Golftek
Wood Loft and Lie Gauge
Wood Loft and Lie Gauge
Golfsmith Wood Loft and Lie Gauge as used by Golftek
Hand and Grip Gauge
Hand and Grip Gauge
Golf Grip Sizer as used by Golftek
Fitting Ruler
Fitting Ruler
Specially designed ruler for club length measurement.
So why not book a "Club Fitting Check" to-day 
and see an improvement in your play!
For the price of a Green Fee!