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Club Heads

Golfteks club heads come from the 
worlds leading suppliers of clubmakers equipment 

Wishon Golf Clubs
Wishon Golf Clubs
Wishon Golf is a completely unique brand in the golf equipment industry. Wishon Golf is not only leader in original club head design but is leader in custom club fitting research. Golftek is a Club Fitter and Clubmaker for Wishon Golf.
Orka Golf Clubs
Orka Golf Clubs
Orka Golf is a multi award winning, leading golf equipment brand for the professional club maker. Golftek is a Club Fitter and Clubmaker for the Orka product range.
Masters Golf Clubs
Masters Golf Clubs
Brand Snake Eyes and Genus are part of the Masters Club Head range.

If you require a specific Club Head,
please Contact Golftek for availability. 

Club Heads are divided into the following categories:

Driver and Fairway Woods
Even though these heads are made from metal, they are called "Woods" because they used to be made from wood. 

Can also be referred to as "Utility Clubs" or "Rescue Clubs" 
Usually made from metal but "Hybrid Irons" can be multi-compound.

Made entirely from metal except for some "Hybrid Wedges",
"Chippers" come under this heading and are proving popular again. 

Are made from several different materials 
from aluminium to stainless steel 

There are two options for fitting New Club Heads:
1. Fit a New Club Head with a new shaft and grip  
to make a brand new golf club.
2. Fit New Club Heads onto your existing club shafts 
and upgrade at a fraction of the cost of new equipment.  

All Clubs are professionally assembled on the 
Golftek premises in Tuam Co.Galway.