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SeeMore Training Bronze Certificate
The Full Range of Custom Fitted 
SeeMore Putters are 
available from Golftek,Tuam.

If you are unable to attend for a Custom Fitting 
you can take the following steps:
to obtain your putter length, loft and lie.

2. Select your putter from the choices below. 

3. Click your choice for full Details and Specifications.

4. Email or Phone Golftek with your selection. 

5. You will be contacted with Euro price and availability by return.  

Putters are fully assembled in Tuam, Co.Galway 
and can be delivered anywhere in the 32 Counties.

SeeMore FGP USA Putters available at Golftek
FGP Series ... from €155.00

FGP Carbon Steel Series ... from €295.00

SeeMore Si Series Putters available at Golftek

Si Series... from€180.00

SeeMore PTM Series Putters are available from Golftek

PTM Series ... from €220.00

SeeMore X Series LogoThe xSeries is a series of putters, which features a few new options for the SeeMore line. The xSeries is for a global market, offering SeeMore's proprietary and proven RifleScope Technology (RST) in a range of putters that also puts a strong focus on cosmetics by combining cast and milled materials, along with stainless steel and a lightweight precision insert for feel and control. The xSeries features a new lightweight TPU insert, which is poured into a special designed face cavity and then allowed to harden and bond with the stainless steel material. All SeeMore xSeries insert putters now offer the poured and milled face which aligns perfectly with the company's proprietary RST.

X Series ... from €220.00

SeeMore SB Series Putters available at Golftek

SB Series ... from €260.00

Capture M Series Platinum Feb14

M Series ... from €310.00

Capture Z series Feb14

Z Series... from €420.00

Capture Private Res Feb14

Private Reserve ... from €420.00

SeeMore Counter Balance putters are available from Golftek

Counter Balanced ... from €175.00

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Golfing Union of Ireland Vouchers are accepted by Golftek
G.U.I. Vouchers Accepted

Golftek is a full member of the GCA.
Full Member of the Golf Clubmakers Association of Europe
Golftek is a Fully Certified Member of the SeeMore Putter Institute.Fully Certified Fitter and Instructor of the SeeMore Putter Institute

Golftek is a Fully Certified KBS Fitting Centre
Fully Certified Fitter of KBS Shafts

Golftek, Tuam, Co.Galway is a Full Member of the International Clubmakers GuildFull Member of the International Clubmakers Guild