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Golf Club Fitting 

Why Custom Fit?
Watch the following video for answer!
Golf Club Fitting means you can have a set of new clubs fitted 
or have your existing clubs adjusted to suit you.
Your size, your strength, your swing characteristics and your athletic ability are taken in to account when building your clubs.
So instead of adjusting your swing to suit your clubs, 
get a Golf Club Fitting to suit your swing!
If you play off scratch or 36, are left or right handed, 
teenager or pensioner, Gent, Lady or Junior, 
 if you are short or tall, 
Golf Club Fitting is suitable for you.
Did you know...
     1. That up to 90% of golfers could be playing with the wrong equipment!

    2. Majority of players who stop playing in their first or second year are using golf clubs that are not suitable!


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